You always have your Ford, Chevy, and Dodge guys and no different with loaders. Some just can’t handle a fast Barko loader. lol

But all kidding aside, BARKO Hydraulics, LLC has been building loaders since 1963. I started in 1980 with Pineywoods Tractor. We sold Barko, JI Case, Kubota, Clark Skidders and later Franklin/Treefarmer (one great American, non union company). To bad the logging industry struggles around 2008 got them.

Let me tell you, I have pine rosin flowing through my veins. I will fight for loggers until the day I die. Such an under appreciated occupation. People don’t realize how bad they need loggers. All that being said is FTR Equipment is owned by Denton Metts who logged for years with the living legend Charles “ Biscuit” Metts in the hard wood bottoms for Temple and others. Also myself Bill Ramsey and I have seen in my days Detroit as king in the early days in loaders and skidders, to be replaced by the incredible B Series Cummins. The end of the Cable Skidders and the first Grapple Skidders. And how about the old Roanoke LC-28 Tree Shear to be replaced by the very first Saw Head machine the Barko 775. It had 32 carbide teeth. ( I have a set if you would like to see some).

The best next invention was the never call in sick, first one on the job CTR replacing all the old bulky Limbing gates. So many changes over the years, but one thing is the same, a loggers is a Real man doing a real honorable job. I have had many friends give their lives , dying in the woods. Come by FTR and I can tell you some stories, probably about your great grandpa. Seriously some 4th generation customers. I started as a parts man in 1978, worked into sales, and service department at Texas Timberjack for a while. Also A-1 Advantage in Nacogdoches that was change to Construction Safety Products. Next to the Land clearing and mulching. And now I am blessed to be an Owner/Partner at FTR Equipment. So yes, We take “Down Time” very serious. Come by and see the changes we have made to the store in the last 19 months. You will not be just a number and stand in line to wait for someone to come work on your machine. Heck, call us, we can work on other brands as well ( at least some). FTR Equipment is big enough to get it done and small enough to listen and respond. When you buy a Barko from us, we will give you great service before and after the sell. Did I mention we open at 6:30? What dealer does that?

Well I guess I have had to much coffee today, but come meet us when you can!

Bill Ramsey

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